Dab It! Precision

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Dab It! Precision


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Description: What makes it different than the rest, they ask. It is an innovative sponge that is infused with REAL velvet with a unique shape that helps blend makeup effortlessly into the skin. The ultra pointed end was created to reach small hard to get areas whereas the dome end is meant to be used on the larger areas of face & body. The texture of the sponge was perfected to create an ultimate velvety-airbrushed makeup finish. Like the sister, Dab it! this is also made with NO chemicals or artificial dyes. Chemical or artificial dyes in the makeup application tools tend to change the color of the products you dip me in in a long run making it look either green/pink or red. This doesn’t do that. Neither does affect your skin because it has no dyes in me which is a win! Yay!

How to use: Wet the dab it sponge in clean water. Squeeze out any excess liquid. Use a towel if necessary. Dip in your makeup product and dab away!


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